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Creating day opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.

About ARC

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Who We Are
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Our Vision

The Avelon Road Day Opportunities Centre is part of the London Borough of Havering’s Adult Social Services.  The Centre offers day opportunities for people with a learning disability aged 18 and over.

Our Vision is to provide a wide range of creative activities and experiences which will help every individual learn new skills and improve existing ones.

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Achieving Personal Goals

Our Staff share a personal goal; to encourage every client to take part in activities which will: build on existing skills, improve social inclusion and promote mutual respect.  

About ARC


Sessions at ARC

  Sessions at 


Creative Paintbrushes

To be able to express how you feel about what matters to you is an important part of communicating with others.  Artwork, drawing and painting are good ways of doing this.  It is rewarding to create a piece of work which can be proudly displayed.

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Baking & Cooking

There is a variety of ‘cooking’ sessions each week.  Learning about safety and hygiene in the kitchen environment is one of the basic skills to develop independence.  Planning what and how something is going to be cooked is essential and exciting.  The fun part comes from enjoying what has been cooked which could be cakes, biscuits or a complete meal


Sports; Activities and             Swimming

Developing fitness and agility through sport.  All of the activities are community based. Clients have the opportunity to take part in indoor and outdoor activities such as skydiving, canoeing, trampolining, and top golf.  Swimming helps maintain fitness and develop stamina.



Each week 35 clients practise a variety of skills working towards putting on an annual show.  By developing acting skills each client is learning about communication, working with others agreeably whilst having lots of fun. 


Computer & Internet                 Skills

Learn to use computers to get (appropriate) information from the use of the internet.  You will be able to use headphones so that you can enjoy your session without being disturbed or disturbing others.

A ‘Smart Table’ helps small groups develop coordination and recognition skills.  There are many topics to choose from including abstract art, everyday images including numeracy and literacy. The programmes are interactive and clients can move up through increasing levels of difficulty to improve their skills.



For any enquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 01708 434475 or fill out the following form


Avelon Road Centre

100 Avelon Road
RM13 7DH

Tel: 01708 434475

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